Colic, Infant Colic, Infantile Colic, Baby Colic. A condition with many names, but only one face: a desperately upset, a seemingly non-stop, crying baby. Ironically, infantile colic is one of the most studied, yet least understood conditions. This informative site presents the most recent information about colic, and what can be done to ease it – particularly a new and exciting product called Pediacalm. After years of research and study, Lev Laboratories has created PediaCalm, a uniquely formulated fennel-based herbal medicine for infant colic.

  • Pediacalm is the only standardized baby colic herbal remedy. This guarantees the amount of  active herbal ingredients in each bottle.
  • Pediacalm is safe – contains no alcohol, bicarbonate or sugar. All ingredients in Pediacalm are natural and pure FDA approved.
  • Pediacalm is the only baby colic remedy with patented composition. (US 6 346 250 B2)
  • Pediacalm is conveniently packaged as a ready to use product into 5 oz bottles.
  • Pediacalm is effective in infant colic. This was supported by a clinical study. A randomized, double-blinded, placebo controlled trial, which involved a total of 125 infants demonstrated colic cure in 65% of babies  (48).

Contact Sergei Shushunov for any questions related to baby colic.

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