Causes of Infant Fever

Presented by Dr. Sergei Shushunov

Infection is the most common cause of fever in children. Common viral and bacterial illnesses like colds, stomach flu, ear infections and respiratory tract infections are the most likely illnesses to cause infant fever.

Bundling and overdressing a child who is less than three months old in too many clothes or blankets can increase the child’s temperature slightly. However, a rectal temperature of 101ºF (38.5ºC) or greater is not likely to be related to bundling and should be evaluated.

Vaccinations can cause fever. The timing of the fever varies, depending upon which vaccination was given.

Teething does not cause high fever. Studies have shown that temperatures of 101.3ºF (38.5ºC) or greater are unlikely to be related to teething.

Any infection in children can cause high fever and children get them several times a year. Even self-limited infection, such as cold, can make a child very uncomfortable, weak and cranky. Febrile children loose a lot of water to perspiration, when their bodies try to cool themselves down and often refuse to drink, become dehydrated and get worse. Reduction of infant fever using  natural remedy makes them more comfortable and allows them to keep up with water losses.

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