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Thank you for being so helpful. I don’t know what I would do without the PediaCalm. It has been a wonder drug. My son now goes to bed around 10 or so, and sleeps until 8 or so. I almost forgot what sleep was like. He still has his crying moments, but at least we know it’s not his tummy hurting. I have told many of my friends about PediaCalm and they wanted me to print some info on it for them. Thanks again for everything.

—Cynthia O.

My first baby had terrible gas. She would just scrunch up her little body every time she had a gas pain. As a first time mom, I tried everything. I discovered PediaCalm at Dee Jays Grocery store. I noticed the ingredients were all natural and contained fennel. My nutritionist recommended fennel for gas discomfort, so I gave it a try. We saw a noticeable difference right away. Ever since, I have been recommending PediaCalm to all of my friends who have children with gas troubles. I highly recommend PediaCalm!

—Denise K., IL

Thank you for making a huge difference in my 2 month old. I actually get to sleep at night. Thanks!

—Tiffany H.

I have been using your product for a few weeks now and am very happy with the difference it has made for my baby girl! She has been much more comfortable and happier since we started her on PediaCalm.


Our 10 week old daughter had colic and reflux so bad we were going crazy and she was miserable. At 10 weeks we had changed her formula 5 times, tried several Doctor prescribed medications, and had spent two days in the hospital undergoing a PH probe study. Recently, half asleep and exhausted, I searched the internet one more time for a colic remedy. I came across your website for PediaCalm. I thought, “what would it hurt to try one more thing?”. I received the product the next day and gave it to our baby in the afternoon when she was particularly fussy. Within a few minutes she quieted down and even started to smile and coo. I was amazed! That night for the first time in 8 weeks she slept for 6 hours straight! The next night her sleep was even longer. This has been an amazing product for us. Thank you for providing colicky babies relief!

Savannah, GA

I wanted to thank you for coming out with this wonderful product. I have been giving it to my 6 week old little girl for less than a week and it has made all the difference in the world. Although she is not totally fuss-free, she is MUCH improved, and I get to keep my sanity!


Your product works extremely well. We only need to use 1/2 strength.

—Tim V.

I am writing to say thank you for PediaCalm. As a mother of three, I am OK with some crying but when I had my son in November, his crying really got to me. I did not know how to console him and help ease his gassiness and colic. A friend told me about PediaCalm and it worked immediately. He is now three months and we both are doing great, thanks to less crying from PediaCalm. I am recommending it to everyone I can.


Thank you very much for sending a case of PediaCalm. Our newborn daughter, Emi, had the classic signs of colic. Julie, who used it on her son, gave us a bottle. We used only 5 mls at first, but it had a dramatic improvement. We now give her 5-7 mls, twice a day and once at night. She is a totally different baby, and my wife can now get some rest. Thanks again, and we are extremely grateful.

—Joel M. MD

Received the bottles yesterday. Thank you so much for rushing them. It’s amazing the difference in his disposition with and without this stuff. Even a few days without and he gets cranky again. Only a few more months…


Simply put, this stuff REALLY WORKS! We have a baby again! You guys are an answer to prayer, truly. Thank you so much for your help getting the product here in Texas. We want to write a much longer email and let you know the whole story but we need SLEEP! 🙂

—Clint Carter & Melissa Carter, RN

I’m happy to report that PediaCalm has been a HUGE help so far. I have been giving 1/4 oz. right before feeding.


I was so happy to finally discover something that helped my baby after months of sleepless nights and overwhelming days. It was great, she is doing much better, thanks to PediaCalm.

Terre Hill, PA

Within a week or so after my wife and I brought our new son home, he began to develop what we soon discovered were the classic signs of colic. We tried and thought of everything we could think of trying to relieve his suffering as well as ours. All our pediatrician would do is change his formula—three times. Anyone can handle one, two, maybe even three straight nights of taking turns with their spouse trying to comfort a screaming baby. For us, when it became weeks rather than days we were ready for a miracle.

I discovered PediaCalm while surfing the web. I ordered up one bottle and received it four days later, just in time for the nightly festivities. When our son began his nightly rampage, again we did everything we could and nothing worked. Finally about midnight, after five hours of torture, we gave him the PediaCalm as directed and within five minutes he was fine.

We’ve had to give it to him on five other occasions when we just couldn’t handle his colic attacks anymore. The results were the same each time. For us it was worth every penny to be able to get a decent night’s sleep again. I am writing this testimonial in support of this product to let other parents know that PediaCalm works and they should not hesitate to try it. One thing’s for sure: if you use PediaCalm, you’ll get a lot more sleep.


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