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I just wanted to say, “Thanks” for the Ear Drops. I was becoming desperate to help my 9 month old with his ear pain. He’s been getting recurrent ear infections due to fluid in the ear and the doctors were telling me to continue administering Tylenol and Ibuprofen, even though they weren’t helping and it had been going on for more than a month! They wouldn’t give me anything in addition to those two products to help and he was very miserable most of the time! I felt to helpless and at my wit’s end. However, ever since I’ve been using the drops (2 days ago!), he’s feeling TONS better and laughing and smiling again! I am so happy I found your product! I will surely be recommending your product to every mom I know! Thanks again!


My son Theodore is in daycare. As a result, he has suffered from chronic ear infections. I was getting desperate to help him with his pain. He was constantly pulling on his ears and crying. Motrin and Tylenol did not help with his pain.

I was fortunate enough to find www.4healthykids.com. I tried the Ear Drops Ear Drops. Theodore EXPERIENCED 100% RELIEF!! HE IS HAPPY, SMILING AND LAUGHING WITHIN MINUTES OF HAVING THE DROPS IN HIS EARS. I have 3 bottles on hand where he can see them. One is on his dresser, the second bottle on my dresser and the third is on my kitchen counter. Theodore just turned one. He now points to the bottles if he needs the drops. It has worked wonders for him.

Thank you for taking the pain away from my son, when I could not.

—Sarah F.

Thank you for a very good product!

Marietta, GA

When I received a phone call from the school nurse who suspected that my 7 year old son had fever and possible ear infection, I became upset, because that meant that if I took him to a doctor, he would prescribe antibiotics, something I try to avoid using. This time one of my friends advised me to try Ear Drops ear drops. It helped with pain right away and within 3 days my son felt completely well without the use of antibiotics. Now Ear Drops is a part of our family medicine cabinet. Thank you, Ear Drops.

Glencoe, IL

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