Geranium for Earache and Ear Infection

Geranium is recognized as a natural and homeopathic remedy and is widely used in a variety of conditions, including sore throat, intestinal flu, skin lesions, and others. Geranium has been studied extensively and results demonstrate geranium has several beneficial effects.

  1. Geranium has strong, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties (8-11). More importantly, geranium has an anti-infective activity that is directed against many respiratory microbes known to cause ear infections, including influenza virus, streptococcus, pneumococcus, and haemophilus.
  2. When geranium preparation is applied to the skin surface it produces a soothing effect (12).
  3. Geranium also has an anti-inflammatory effect through suppression of white blood cells (cells that produce inflammation) at the contact site. This is very important, since inflammation in the middle ear causes pain (13, 14).

The combination of anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, and local anesthetic effects makes geranium the best natural earache and ear infection remedy.

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